DCTribal Dancers


Belladonna  is a tribal fusion belly dance performer and instructor from Washington DC.  Recognized internationally as an accomplished artist in her field, she is best known for her dark drama and sword dancing and balancing.
Belladonna performs and teaches her signature style in The DC area and across the globe.
As well as dancing and teaching Belladonna produces a variety of shows, fund raisers and community events. Her latest endeavor is Raven’s Night, a Scintillating Villain inspired show happening in DC October 2013. She is a believer in creating spaces for artist to have the opportunity to express themselves and appreciates the opportunity to share in other producer’s creative vision. She teaches weekly classes in DC and VA.


A respected professional tribal bellydancer in the DC area, Eugenia is a frequent performer at many local venues for tribal bellydance, including Tribal Cafe and the Red Palace, as well as festivals all over the country. She is a member of the pure American Tribal Style troupe Transcendence Tribal, co-director of the Brain Dance Collective, and also performs as a tribal fusion soloist. As a performer, she is known for her grace, solid technique, expression, and musicality. As a teacher, she is known for her humor, scientific breakdown in her instruction, and attentiveness.

Jennifer Hodge

Tribal Belly Dance is innovative, amazing, and fun! It is my responsibility to bring value to every dancer in each and every class, so that each student can experience the love and excitement of Pure ATS belly dance. As such, I stress strong technique in the classroom and offer plenty of individual attention so that every student leaves each class with new belly dance movement ability. Being an instructor of the Pure American Tribal Style belly dance format, I have a strong connection to maintaining the authenticity of Pure ATS so that dancers can leave my class confident that they have received reliable, consistent Pure ATS instruction, so that they can dance with anyone in our global ATS tribe.


Kallisti Tribal is a Baltimore troupe that draws from a solid base in American Tribal Style® belly dance while honoring the influence of other dance and movement traditions. Created in San Franciso in the 1980s, ATS® is a fusion of traditional Middle Eastern, North African and American Belly Dance moves formed into a common vocabulary that allows the dancers to create a structured improvisational dance. Amy, Flissy, and Nora use ATS® as the foundation to their dancing, while adding influences from other dance styles and teachers from Baltimore and beyond in what is known as Improv Tribal Style Belly Dance. Using a common dance vocabulary to create an improvisation choreography on the fly, taking cues from the music and each other, we are delighted to share with you the joyful dance that is distinctly Kallisti Tribal.


Lîlam is a tribal fusion bellydance troupe from Baltimore that dances with joy, love, and LOTS of attitude. We are known for our fun, passionate, and sometimes even conceptual dancing. We are Scarlett, Spiral, Jenn, and Talis. “Lilam” is our expression of light and dark female energy, “translated” to mean “Divinely Playing Demons/Divas/Devas.”

Mab Just Mab

Mab Just Mab, has been a long time participant in the DC bellydance scene. Now known as DC’s Own Sideshow Girl, she combines artistry and pain to create hilarious & compelling entertainment. A glasswalker and blockhead, escape artist and ukulele fanatic, she is a tenured freak at DC’s notorious sideshow venue & museum, The Palace of Wonders. Mab has as been featured in several documentaries and books on the sideshow revival, and performs solo, with The Accidental Circus, and as a pillar of the Cheeky Monkey Sideshow.


Often described as dynamic, engaging and moving’ Marta is a belly dancer and admired instructor like no other in the Washington, D.C. area. Her distinctive lyrical and earthy style, technical skill, and heartfelt musical interpretation continues to captivate audiences, students and master dancers alike.



Mavi is Washington DC’s tattooed blue tribal goddess: a dark fusion belly dance artist known for her compelling presence, connectivity with her audience, sensual movements, her dark  aesthetic, thematic interpretations, and mastery of balancing blades.

Mavi is a former member of Martiya Possession–one of the first Gothic belly dance troupes in the United States and traveled and performed extensively with the renowned Washington DC-area tribal fusion dance company Römká, until May 2009, when she and Belladonna split to focus on their respective solo careers.  She co-hosts the country’s longest running tribal fusion monthly performance event – DCTribal Cafe!

Naimah & Amandari

Naimah is an award winning belly dancer from Baltimore, MD who won the title of 2009 Bellydance Nationals Alternative Fusion Soloist Champion and the People’s Choice award. She is also the director of the 2010 Bellydance Nationals Alternative Fusion Troupe Champions, “Amandari”. She has also trained several other award winning dancers.

Naimah began exploring the art of bellydance in 1999 with some background knowledge in ballet, modern, hip hop, and african dance. She has studied bellydance with well known talent such as Devra Johari, Antonia, Lotus Niraja, and Piper. Her bellydance career began with Egyptian style Cabaret but after intensive study with many instructors from all over she has found her niche in the art of Modern Tribal style bellydance.

Samantha Hegre

Samantha Hegre is a fusion belly dancer from Washington, DC. Known for long, elegant lines & unique musical choices, she had danced to sounds ranging from birdsongs to Brahms. A classical musician by trade, Samantha loves to delve deep into the musical structure & meaning when creating a dance, and seeks to create evocative works. To this end, she is a co-creator of Braindance collective, which produces programmatic & thought-provoking dance theater.

Samantha is a continuing student of the Suhaila Salimpour technique and has earned her level 2 certification in this format.


Shakra Dance Company is an experimental belly dance company based out of Washington DC.  We fuse belly dance, West African Dance, theater and our own messed up senses of humor to come up with a unique fused dance form.  We do our best to help each other learn and grow as women in modern day America, and take turns reminding each other not to take life too seriously.  When all else fails, we dance.

Transcendence Tribal

Transcendence Tribal Bellydance Collective brings together 12 dancers to create performances imbued with passion, fun, and friendship. Grounded in group improvisational tribal style bellydance, Transcendance Tribal weaves together our various styles into a magical expression of the joy of dance.

The dancers are both soloists and draw from 5 different troupes: Kallisti Tribal, Verve Tribal, Lilam Bellydance, Sammati Dance Company, and Troupe Hip’notic. The dancers are Amy, Oneira, Flissy, Lyra, Sihaya, Eugenia, Anon, Spiral, Jennifer Herbert, Talis, Jenn Hodge, Abby, and Thalia. We are from Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia.


Wendy Broadway

 Has lived and traveled the world and though a new resident of Maryland, is no stranger to the Washington Metropolitan Area.  Wendy moved to Maryland on assignment under the United States Army however prior to her move she owned Transitions Yoga and Dance Studio in Sterling, Virgina.  During the ten years as director she served as the Vice President of DCTribal and sister facilitator to P.U.R.E.’s  DC chapter.  Wendy performed frequently for private gatherings, weddings, corporate events, festivals, and was requested to perform for the Bollywood awards held at the Lisner Auditorium, Washington D.C. as well as the annual Artomatic festival.